UPDATE: 5-19-20
We are continuing to encourage curbside/dockside pickup with transactions handled over the phone. 717.442.8280  Inside, counter service and isle shopping is available, but we are still maintaining rules of social distancing, wearing of face protection and we are diligent about sanitizing and cleaning for your safety and protection.  Please take note of our SUMMER HOURS: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm.
Thank you for understanding.


If your idea of a comfortable home includes happy growls, wagging tails, gleeful meows, and soft whinnies, as well as fresh fragrance from the garden, then you are our kind of person!

At Stoltzfus Feed & Supply, centrally located in Gap, PA, we understand the importance animals play in our every day lives.  Nothing makes us laugh more than the antics of an awkward, big-pawed puppy, or the curiosity of a calico kitten.  On some days, we know nothing is more reassuring than the pitter-patter of your canine sidekick or the molasses-tinged, gentle breath of a faithful mount.  In short, we know that pets are part of the cozy landscape we call home!

The health and happiness of your pets is of paramount importance, and caring for those companions is our top priority.  Stoltzfus Feed & Supply is your one stop shopping place for all of your pet-care needs.  Let our friendly and knowledgeable employees help you choose the right nutrition and health products for your pets.

Wellness starts with proper nutrition, and Stoltzfus Feed & Supply stocks an impressive selection of pet food products.  High-quality products made by leading feed manufacturers are available for your cats and dogs.  Some of our best selling brands include:  Eukanuba; Iams; Science Diet; Nutro; Canine Caviar; Earthborn; Blue Buffalo; & Wellness.

Top Choice feeds for horses and ponies are also available at Stoltzfus Feed & Supply.  We offer feeds manufactured by the best names in the business:  Cargill; Progressive; Purina; Buckeye; Blue Seal; and Triple Crown among others.

In addition to feed, our store stocks research-proven equine nutritional supplements manufactured by trusted companies such as:  Kentucky Performance Products; Farnam; Cosequin; Horse Health; W.F. Young; and Progressive Nutrition.

Brand-name health and grooming products such as Frontline, HomeoPet and Farnam are available for your convenience in our retail store at Stoltzfus Feed & Supply. 

If you are confused about what is best for your pet, ask our experienced staff for suggestions. 

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