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Stoltzfus Feed & Supply is the regional distributor of the JBS United Swine & Poultry Premixes, designed for efficient and economical, on farm mixing of swine and poultry rations. JBS Premixes enhance and support excellent growth and efficient conversion by fortifying the digestive tract with probiotics, enzymes and chelated minerals.

JBS United was founded in 1956 by Dr. John B. Swisher, and has grown into a prosperous 400-employee business with nine feed mills, eight grain terminals and four research farms throughout the United States and the world.

For additional information on JBS United and their products, please click on the JBS United logo at the bottom of this page. 

Feed Grade Ingredients

Stoltzfus Feed & Supply also offers feed grade ingredients in its support of swine and poultry production. Included with the customers premix delivery could be: Magox, Tylan10 & 40, Stafac, MilkNMix (sow laxative), NutriSound (mycotoxin reducer), PorcinePurge, and Skylytes. Our non-feed grade ingredient that has been very successful is the product Mistral. This is a pleasant smelling, water-absorbing powder used in farrowing rooms to dry new born piglets, and has been helpful in scour reduction.

Stoltzfus Feed & Supply supports swine and poultry customers through Abe Fisher, Swine Specialist. Abe has been in the swine industry since graduating from Penn State in 1973. His knowledge of nutrition, production practices, market conditions, and swine health is an asset to Stoltzfus Feed & Supply and JBS United swine and poultry customers.

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